Now more than ever organizations must strive to implement an effective Export Controls Program.

Over the past few years the United States Government has taken significant steps to reduce the burden of some export requirements that (in the past) has impeded U.S. businesses from competing in the world market, these steps are know as ECR (Export Control Reform).

Export Compliance is an organized program ensuring a business conforms to the export regulations of the United States. The export regulations are the result of Federal laws created for purposes of national security, foreign policy, and technology protection.  Export regulations impact and control the manufacture, sale, and distribution (export) of military items and commercial items that can also be used for military purposes (dual use).  Technical information of such items is also controlled.

MB Agenda:

Introduction to Defense Articles and Dual-Use Items:

Classification of Defense Articles, Technical Data, Defense Services, Commodities, Technology and Manufacturing Knowhow.