ITAR Compliance Micro Bootcamp

Concerned about ITAR Compliance?

  1. Is there more to ITAR Compliance than just DDTC registration?
  2. Does AS9100 compliance also assure ITAR Compliance?
  3. What processes & procedures are required for ITAR compliance?
  4. What about my suppliers, can I flow-down ITAR jobs?
  5. What elements of AS9100 will help you be ITAR complaint?
  6. How to implement AIA’s TCS001: Document marking, storage, and electronic transmission of technical data?

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Students who attend will understand the subparts of the ITAR that answers these questions. Students will obtain the procedures to meet these requirements which can be easily incorporated into their Quality Management Systems. Complete review of TCS001 requirements.

  1. ITAR & AS9100 Requirements Matrix
  2. ITAR/AS9100 Process Flow
  3. ITAR Procedures that include implementing National Aerospace Standard TCS001

MB Length: 2 Hours MB Fee: $95 Location: Greater Los Angeles Area, CA Date: TBD For Registration or Questions:

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