Our Clients

How We Increase Compliance Effectiveness

Though every client’s needs are unique, there seems to be a common thread with AEI clients… they all need just a little support. Sometimes AEI is just an extra pair of eyes on a proposed transaction or sometimes we are asked to review how their compliance staff performed on a Jurisdiction and Classification Analysis.

The most common everyday questions we are asked by our customers include:

Is this part a Defense Article, if so, what is the exact classification?
What is the ECCN for this commodity?
What is the Schedule B number for this part?
Can we send the part drawings to a potential supplier?
Is a license required in this transaction?
What kind of technical discussions can we hold with our Foreign Customer?
Does my supplier need to be DDTC registered to do….?
Will removing the part name and description from the drawing make it ok to export?
There are also those clients that need AIE to prepare a DDTC Applications for exports, agreements and even preparing Voluntary Disclosures, which of course is all inclusive in our subscription support program.

While most of our clients have do not have dedicated full time trade controls staff, their products and services vary in complexity. Some offer very complex engineering services while others offer “Build to Print” fabrication. Some clients rarely export while others engage in TAAs and MLAs on a monthly basis.

Our monthly subscription service allows our clients to have a full year of support for a fraction of cost as compared with hiring a full time compliance officer.

We are happy to provide client referrals upon request.