Consultants: Expand Beyond ISO Into ITAR/EAR Compliance Consulting

ISO Consulting is saturated and hourly rates are dropping. Expand your services and increase revenue through compliance consulting.

In this webinar learn about the tools to expand your consulting business and increase revenue.  Learn how you can provide guidance and clarity to your customers to understand the core elements of Export compliance (ITAR and EAR) in the manufacturing of parts and components. 

Learn to outline a compliant, workable operational processes, with related procedures, work instructions and forms that your customers can implement. These include:

  • What must be protected and what is not required to be protected. Operationally, how do ITAR and EAR restrictions differ.
  • What constitutes adequate protection of EAR and ITAR data and parts?
  • IT configuration
    • Handling data to and from clients, including processes and controls.
    • Handling data to and from suppliers, including processes and controls.
    • Internal handling of manufacturing data to and from shop floor (prints, machine controls, etc.)
    • Storage of data 
  • Policies and procedures
    • Data handling – internal, to shop floor, to suppliers
    • Control of manufacturing operations
    • Employee screening
    • Physical plant security, access and control
    • Training
    • Visitors, cell phones

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