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Performing an Effective Gap Analysis

The is a lot a talk about the upcoming Cyber Security requirement deadline in December 2017, yes, I’m referring to NIST SP 800-171. Many organizations are scrambling to assess their compliance. Most QA Managers are doing what comes natural, they are relying on the GAP ANALYSIS in order to measure their compliance. Performing a Gap analysis […]

Compliance Deficit or Loss: An Auditor’s Tip

When assisting an organization in learning about the various export regulations such as the ITAR and EAR, we often hold “Executive Awareness” training for the leadership. Now there are some leaders who while learning about their responsibilities and all of the numerous requirements in complying with the regulations, they take immediate action: For instance some may assign […]

Aerospace Exports Incorporated

New NAS Standard Announced

AIA’s National Aerospace Standards (NAS) has released TCS001: Document marking, storage, and electronic transmission of technical data, and provides guidance on the processes and best practices necessary for a company to manage U.S. EAR-controlled technology exports, including technical data, in compliance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). A member of the AEI team was pleased to participate […]

Aerospace Exports Incorporated

Quality System Verification and Validation for ITAR Processes

AS9100 requires that organizations identify applicable regulatory requirements however most Quality Management Systems DO NOT contain processes to verify and validate actions performed by Empowered Officials. Fact: Empowered Officials must certify that information provided on applications is accurate. Problem Scenario An Empowered Official is tasked with applying for a DSP-5 for a Foreign Person “working” […]