New AEI Course: Implementing ITAR/EAR into an AS9100 Management System

Course Number: 08-Mgmt9100

Course Title:  Implementing ITAR/EAR into an AS9100 Management System

Course Description: This 8 hour course presents the regulatory requirements of the ITAR & EAR in conjunction with an AS9100 management system requirements that aligns the functional roles and responsibilities. The course is intended for those AS9100 registered organizations who perform – 

Major overhauls on aircraft/components/parts, 

Repairs of avionics/electronics, manufacture of parts (wings, spars, longerons, panels), 

Reverse engineering, 

Manufacture the designed circuit cards, 

First article inspection & testing,

Software development and modification,

Operational support work, building maintenance stands,

Laboratory testing, repairing depot industrial equipment (e.g., CNC machines), 

Designing depot special process systems (e.g., automated plating/metal finishing processes). 

Additional Requirements for Course: No prerequisites

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