Technical Data, yes or no?

NOTE: These are used by AEI as internal tools only, they are not enumerated in the ITAR or EAR. If the drawing is of an item that is controlled by the ITAR, it may be considered technical data if it: Contains quantitative information; Was generated by independent R&D for military application; Was generated under a […]

Export Compliance Programs – Internal Audits

Export Compliance Program The BIS has posted great introduction videos. Check them out here at the Online Training Room: Check out all of the videos, but organizations should take note to the video on the subject of the importance of organizations creating and maintaining an Export Compliance Program (ECP). The video emphasizes the eight […]

Best Practice: ITAR License Application

When preparing an application for a license, a best practice is to include more than one freight forwarder. The ITAR suggests that applicants should list all freight forwarders who MAY be involved with shipments under the license to ensure that the list is complete and to avoid the need for amendments after the listed has […]

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Don’t Ignore Regulations

So this week we’re learning that the Commerce Department can start using new tools, such as undercover agents and wiretaps, to conduct investigations. This news should worry all those leaders in companies who continue to ignore the EAR & ITAR. Who is making your compliance decisions? What decisions need to be made in order to […]

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Supply Chain Communication and ITAR

Is there uncertainty in your communications with your customers and suppliers regarding the jurisdiction of a commodity, whether it be subject to the EAR or ITAR? Uncertainty in communication is a risk to all involved, the suppliers, customers and community. When an organization doesn’t adequately perform it’s due diligence, it puts everyone at risk.    […]

Cascading Risk

If your involved with manufacturing Defense Articles then your organization is at risk that a supplier or customer may be involved in a violation to the ITAR. It is that simple, with the growing number of companies that are not ITAR compliant the risk of an inadvertent breach of the ITAR cascades faster and faster. […]

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ITAR Visitor Tracking Tool

The road to ITAR & EAR compliance can start with a few simple questions, Where are we now? Is our Empowered Official knowledgable in the regulations? Are our processes supporting compliance or are there opportunities for escapes?  Here’s a question that is often asked, Do we have to screen visitors?  If your organization needs a […]